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Hongyan (Ketty) is a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (TCMP) with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.

Ketty graduated and received her diploma of TCMP and Acupuncture from Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she was fortunate to study alongside esteemed practitioners in these disciplines.

She had been searching for quality, happiness and purpose of life for many years, and says “I finally found the answer in Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

Born and raised in a loving family in Beijing, China, she looks back fondly at a wonderful childhood. However, she questioned her purpose in this world and how she could live a truly fulfilled life. She did not find a satisfactory answer after graduating from university and diligently working many years building a successful career in corporate finance within a multi-national company.

In her spare time, she practiced yoga where her instructor introduced her to traditional Chinese culture. To further satisfy her curiosity, she read the recognized “bible” of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (written over 2,500 years ago). While only understanding a fraction of the volume, she was moved by its profound wisdom. She introduced some of these specific teachings and methodologies into her own lifestyle and found that her energy level improved significantly. The positive results she experienced prompted more curiosity and more self-experiments.

Ketty’s interest in TCM continued to develop, particularly after moving to Oakville. She felt she was extremely grateful to benefit from the healthcare of TCM. She also began to be acutely sensitive to other people’s suffering with illnesses, many who perhaps may never experience the therapeutic benefits of TCM, as she did. As her casual studies of TCM continued, she coincidentally lost two friends and co-workers to illness. This heart-break she felt, was the catalyst for her to decide that she could use TCM to make a difference in people’s lives, by reducing their suffering and risk of sickness.

With an overpowering sense of purpose, she returned to school and committed herself to the intense study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and eventually earned a practitioner’s license.

The answer to the question she had searched for since her teenage years finally became crystal clear — when she treated patients for the first time and saw first-hand the results of her hard work and dedication to her skills. She experienced an intense sense of happiness that she had rarely experienced before. As she continues to dedicate herself to her practise, this happiness continues to deepen. Ketty admits, “Practicing TCM is a way of living, a way to help others and a way to help myself, as well”.